In 1995, ORIONGROUP INTERNATIONAL LLC was founded by Eng. Timothy E. Cleveland. It’s interest and expertise lies in construction related to tourism, real estate, healthcare, renewable energy, civil and defense projects. In 2008, the Philippine office was established via its affiliate Quantity Solutions Inc., a cost engineering and project management company.

ORIONGROUP INTERNATIONAL, INC. (OrionGroup) was formally established in the Philippines in 2012. It envisions to be a major player in renewable energy, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM). The organization is guided by its core values and goal of helping in nation building. The OrionGroup remains focused on project management and the renewable energy sector partnered with reputable global developers such as First Solar USA, Canadian Solar, SMA Germany, ABB Italy and Outback USA. These partnerships aim to deliver quality and noteworthy energy projects all over the country.

Who We Are

VISION: We are dynamic professionals providing proven and cost effective solutions to valued customers in synergy with world class energy companies driven by integrity and innovation.

MISSION: Our holistic and customer-driven approach has made OrionGroup International, Inc. the preferred renewable energy solutions provider through:

  • Delivering credible and honest services in all aspects of our operations

  • Adhering to highest standards and work ethics, while continuously striving for excellence

  • Achieving quality and cost effective solutions through constant research and development

  • Taking care of our people and empowering them to deliver clients’ expectations



OrionGroup International, Inc. is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management company focusing on Renewable Energy. Since 2014 we have installed over 1,516 kilowatts worth of projects. Among our prized clients are Silliman University, Ateneo de Zamboanga University and Calamba Doctor’s Hospital, Holy Name University and Unihealth Medical. With 137.8 Megawatts more in our pipeline we aim to be the most reputable solar energy provider in the Philippines.



We provide industry proven cost effective solutions to our valued clients. We are in synergy with world class energy companies driven by passion, innovation and unparalleled integrity.


Our goal is to deliver reliable, dependable and cost-effective energy solutions through our range of technology services. We are able to maximize value and minimize risk for a growing number of clients across the Philippines’ archipelago.

“One of our company’s goals is to help in nation building. We can contribute by being instrumental in providing alternative sources of power. This is something that we strongly believe can help improve business and the way of life of our fellow countrymen.”

Rene F. Aguirre


“We look forward to a better future as we continue to innovate and partner with industry leaders, here and abroad. We thank our clients for sharing their vision with us. Rest assured, we will continue to blaze the trail and be a reliable partner of your success.”

Engr. Rynor G. Jamandre


“It is our belief that the Philippines can be a world leader in clean energy and attract business opportunities from around the world. Our approach is to educate designers and developers to incorporate clean energy solutions into projects and lead the way for the world to follow.”

Timothy Cleveland

Vice-President, International Sales

Our Global Partners